Located right on the water in Point Lookout, NY

Our Live Lobster Grotto

At The Fisherman's Catch Restaurant.... Truly, what you see is what you'll get!

Only The Freshest Tuna

You won't find fresher anywhere! Here's a fresh appetizer to remember!

Lobster & Shrimp Appetizer

Now here's an appetizer you won't soon forget!

Refreshing Cocktails

Our Bar Staff is expert in providing you just the right drinks, wines and beers...

Welcome to Fisherman’s Catch


Welcome to the Fisherman’s Catch Restaurant. Over the years the people and boats displayed throughout the restaurant have brought their catch to our dock. From the one man garvey who catches clams by hand to the 100 foot trawlers. These men are an integral part of our business. We are proud to bring you this restaurant and all the freshness the sea has to offer.